Live Broadcasting. Your Game. Your Viewers. It's Simple!

Take 2 minutes prior to every game or match to setup your equipment to stream, then let your viewers enjoy every minute of the excitement.  Whether your fans watch live or DVR, they will enjoy the 1080p high quality audio and video provided by YourGameCam. Check it out for yourself and sign up for a 5-day free trial today!

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1. Setup Mobile Live Broadcasting Account

Visit and click on Mobile Publishing to sign-up for an account (free trial currently available) or Contact us to request an account today. We charge a reasonable monthly fee to the broadcaster which also covers all viewers watching for FREE.

2. Configure Camera Device to Live Broadcast

We support your iPhone, iPod, Android, GoPro 7 or Yi4K Action Camera for Mobile Live Streaming. Order our Mobile Streaming Camera Kit and get a Yi4K Action Camera, handy fence mounts, powerbank charger, SD card, bag, sign, etc. for all your events in high quality.

3. Start Watching

Viewers can watch for FREE at and/or you can embed on your website.


  • Unlimited High-Quality Live Streaming

  • Affordable Yi4k Action Camera Brings Convenience

  • 90 Days Of Archives For Replays With Calendar View

  • Free For All Viewers Of Youth And Non-Profit Facilities – No Hurdles To Watch With No Fees

  • Free Highlight Clip Creation For All Viewers

  • Custom Sports Specific Video Player

  • Step Forward/Back & Slow Motion Speed Controls On Live & Replay Timeline

  • Anyone Can Create Team/Player Albums Saved Permanently To Gamecam Cloud

  • Download & Share Via Social Media Or Email

  • Web Gems – Tag Clips For Your Facility Web Gems Gallery

  • Points Of Interest – Tag Important Plays As They Happen During Live Events

  • Sponsorship Platform

  • You Keep 100% Of Ads You Sell On Your Channels

  • Content Safe Environment At Yourgamecam.Com

  • Embed Video Into Your Website – Theming To Match Website Colors

  • Optional Private Channel Settings – Require Viewers To Have Passcode To Watch

Mobile Publishing and Equipment Pricing

VIEWING IS FREE FOR EVERYONE!!! NO Pay-Per-View memberships. We do charge a small monthly fee to the producer to cover streaming bandwidth, cloud storage and other GameCam platform costs.

Our Basic Publisher Plan allows you to stream to GameCam with any smartphone, an IPod, GoPro 7 or a YI4K ActionCam.

Our Plus Account adds a Hotspot device and data plan bundle from our Verizon partnership. 

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