White-Label GameCam

Your Brand. Your Channel. Your Viewers


Interested in branding your account? Sports Channel Media offers you the ability to white-label the GameCam platform so you can promote your brand. By white-labeling our platform, we will remove all of our GameCam branding so that your viewers only see your team or organization on your channel.

Pick and choose what elements from your page that you would like to white-label:

  1. Add your logo
  2. Add your color scheme
  3. Create custom channels
    • Add multiple camera angles
    • Add a chat room
  4. Custom URL
    • Yourname.sportschannel.media
    • Create a subdomain from your existing site, watch.YOURNAMEHERE.com
  5. Display an image in the Video Player for when viewers come to your channel

Choose the plan for you…

Organization – Designed for an individual team or multiple teams that are managed by the same coach, requiring only 1 email registered as admin. Ideal for a individual coach who manages 1 or multiple teams under the same name.

Group – A group consists of 2 or more Organizations that are themed with the same brand, requiring multiple emails registered as admin.  Ideal for clubs and academies with multiple teams that are individually coached.

Enterprise – Master admin account structured to offer multiple group types or services, meaning there are a variety of groups providing content. The perfect solution for governing bodies, corporations, showcase providers, etc.

If you still are unsure which plan is right for you, email us at sales@yourgamecam.com.