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Whether you are new to our platform or if you just want to brush up on a few things before the start of a season, here are the most common questions we receive when viewing YourGameCam. 

Viewer Quickstart Guide

User Account Guides: (Click on a section below for more information)
Share Your Channel
  1. While logged in, go to your channel
  2. Click on Share, which is located directly below your channel name above the video player
    1. To email the link, simply click on the envelope icon
    2. To text the link, click Copy located at the end of the web address listed
    3. To share on Facebook, click on the Facebook share icon
Find A Channel
  • There are two ways to find a channel
    • Click on the magnifying glass icon located in the top menu bar
    • Enter the name of the player, team, or facility channel that you wish to watch
      • Only 3 characters are required to begin the search
    • Click on the name of the channel and you will be redirected to their page
Watch A Replay
  1. Go to the channel of that you desire to watch
  2. Click on Video Replay in the top right corner
  3. Select the date on the calendar that you the game was played on
  4. All of the videos recorded on that day will be automatically uploaded
Create A Clip, Save A Clip, Download A Clip, and Create a Webgem
  • While logged into your account go to your desired channel
  • Click on Video Vault in the top right corner
  • Click on the date of your desired game
  • Find the moment in the game that you would like to create a clip for
  • Pause the video a few seconds prior to the moment
  • Go to the Create a Video Clip section below the video player
  • Select Begin to timestamp the beginning of the clip
  • Press play and stop the video after the moment has concluded
  • Click on Preview in the Create a Video Clip section
  • A pop up will appear and play your clip
  • To save your clip click on Save Clip to GameCam
  • Select if you would like to include it as a Webgem
  • Save to your Player, Team, Event, or Facility
    • Choose the correct organization name
    • Select or create a new album
    • Enter your title
    • Check the box if you want to list the clip as a Webgem
    • Add details for the video
  • Click Save Video
  • To download your clip
  • In the drop-down channel selector under the “Find:” section choose My Sports
  • Click on Video Vault
  • Under Channels, click on the drop-down selector and choose the album that you saved your clip to, then click on the date of the clip or the video name within the Channel Listing section.
  • Once  the video loads on the screen, under the bottom right-hand corner you will find a 3 line hamburger menu, click on it and select Download
  • A pop up will appear asking if you would like to download the video clip, click yes to being the process.

Favorite Channel and Live Stream Notification
  1. While logged into your account go to your desired channel
  2. Click on the heart icon,  located above the video player and below the channel name
  3. A popup window will appear showing that the channel has been added to your favorite channel list
  4. To receive notifications, select the check box under the notifications column for the desired channel

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