Player Portal Features


Interactive Chat

Communicate with your instructor during live sessions. Post to a discussion board for a previously recorded session.

Game Footage

Save clips directly from your Family or Team Gamecam channel and provide your instructor with more insight.

Favorite Channel

Click on the heart icon  and receive notifications when your favorite instructor goes live on their channel.

Track Your History

Use your Video Replay calendar to recall past lessons and training sessions, while referencing your instructors notes.


Improve your technique with a Player Portal account and privately access your instructors knowledge through written evaluations.

Private Access

Player Portal accounts are only accessible by the instructor and are password protected for your privacy.

Watch and Train

Connect to live and previously recorded content with a Video On Demand, 7-day Access plan, or 30-day Memberships.

Practice Makes Perfect

Put the skills and drills that you learn to work.

Virtual Coaching

Train while receiving instructor feedback during live training sessions.